Vocation Advisor Meeting Part 2

Three weeks ago I saw a Vocation Advisor after discussing this possibility with the DDO. I should said the DDO is Acting DDO and is not quite sure where I am as I have previous!

This is the post I made in the forum in i-church:-

Wow! Fantastic meeting and i’m really, really happy about it. We laughed, we shared experinces and got continually interupted by her son and husband (they knew they weren’t suppose to but needed important papers and the photocopier).

So I was asked a whole series of questions which i can’t remember the order! I was asked:
What feeds my spiritual need. What are my parents faith. What has been your journey up until now. How do you prayer. Do you feel you are called to Stipend or nonstipendary ministry (or same ghist). Why stipend. Had i thought about otehr ministries. What are my weakness and strengths. Do i have a spiritual adviser. What church do I belong to. What churches have I belonged to. Who has recognised your Calling.

She was dead impressed with my previous experience of preaching, leading services and when I metioned I had been on the PCC she positively lit up like a christmas tree! She said that not people at such a young age had been on PCCs and most prospective ordinands shun joining them which is a shame because PCCs are the best place to learn how churches work. Then i threw the word Faculty into the mix and lo, more perty lights!!
I talked gently and briefly of Coventry diocese and the vocation process i went to there. She thought the reasons they gave for refusing me was odd. And amazingly she too had met someone from Cov dioese (possibly the DDO RS) and said she didn’t like him either. She had to meet them as during her training she decided that she couldn’t studey part time and continue with her job (teaching music). And so asked to change which was diffuclt due to more BAP type mini meetings at Cov and then London.

I talked about my job, my students and colleagues. Why I think studying full time would be better for me. I think i got into in saying I am a 100% person. Right now my students’ have y 100% attention and so diving my time between studying and work would be difficult. And she added ‘near impossible’.
I voiced my concern that I didn’t know where I was ni the whole vocation system. I think she was curios to find out too. She was also impressed that even after such a rough deal that I had the courage to try again.

I gave her my thoughts journal (as seen in my previous postings here but with a buit more added) and list of book I’d read and got. As i drove away and thought of a few bits I had meant to say I realised I’d got them written down in my journal and so she would get it! Good plan!

She said the next step would be she was talk to the DDO about our meeting and then either she or him would contact me.

I felt it was an excellent meeting, very positive and there were lots of mutual cross points.

Very happy! Very tired!


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