Vocation Advisor Meeting.

I saw the DDO last November. An interesting meeting which was summed up in the end with the request for me to decide whether I felt Called to Stipend or non-stipen ministry. Shocked and bemused I was to be hit with such a decision so soon.

But i digress. You see, this isn’t the first time i have explored my Calling. Way back in 1996 I contacted the Coventry Diocese about Vocation. I ended up going to a ‘Who would be a Vicar’ workshop day. From that I was asked to see a Vocation Advisor whom I saw for years every six months or so. The I made a push as nothing seemed to be happening. I saw the Vocation team leader who said it was a no. I then saw The DDO for the first time a year later who also said it was a no go basically because I han’t achieved a Teaching Post after graduating from Uni and I was therefore a failed teacher. That was in 2002. All this time I had been preaching, leading and PCC stuff from my church.

SO I guess I left the church in 2002/3 as suddenly I felt used and betrayed. (not going into that now). I went off on an adventure to explore what the C of E was about, the Divine Feminine, spirituality, paganis, witchcraft and Druidry. All this while still having faith in Christ.

Then a year last December, a friend of mine suddenly said ‘I’ve been thinking of you and your skills, I really think you ought to try out your Calling again’. So for just over the past year I have been attending a church (!), deepenign my faith in Christ and then since last November talking to Worcester Diocese about this Calling I feel God has for me.


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