Sent BAP Form

Well its finally done. My whole spiritual life summed up in 12 pages. Kinda weird to see it all in print. Bit narked that after a few days rest while on Holls I’ve realised I could have added a bit more in a one place, namley the christian courses section. I could have put about going on Alpha course and the Jesus video project course. Nevermind.
Quite chuffed that after I posted a signed cop and emailed an electronic version off on the 10th and 11th July, the Acting DDO emailed me on the Sunday evening to say thanks. He also said he was seeing the new DDO on Monday 13th July and therefore my timing with all the docs was perfect. So now am waiting for him to contact me after he’s read them through. As well as the BAP registration form I sent:
List of referees,
Disclosure of criminal record form
Ethnic monitoring form
Statement of fincancial position.

He didn’t ask for these but I found them on the C of E website and thought I’d send them anyway!

The C of E website is very difficult to navigate. Well at least I find it so. Its just won an award so perhaps I’m just daft! Anyhoo, the link I’ve posted above is as much for me as it is for anyone else!


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