DDO Meeting 3rd Sept

Good meeting with DDO. He was impressed with the BAP form, with every section receiving a good. Just a few typos to sort out and add the modules I achieved from a Theology degree I started via post from Oxford Brookes. Those are going under Christian teachings / learning. He liked the way I covered the episode with Coventry Diocese without emotional agro (my words). He also liked that I had other interests apart from computers!!
He asked if I had done the reading and what I’d thought about them. I showed the notes I’d made from one book (Deep calls to Deep) which he took off me. I explained why I hadn’t read the other book which also seemed to be taken ok. But I think I might try to read that before seeing the new DDO in October.

He gave me the task of writing a written Reflection “Write on an aspect of mission and evangelism that is related to your experience and to which you feel drawn as part of your calling.” I done it on my love of growing acorns and comparing that to caring for people. The DDO emailed today to say thanks and that he’d enjoyed reading it so I hope its ok.

I’m now waiting to meet up with the new DDO in October.

Its all sooo happening, its utterly amazing!


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