DDO Meeting 9th December 09

I should have worte this right after seeing the DDO but events transpired against it. So a very sketchy report. Funny, I still feel inhibited to talk openly about my not so regular spiritual thoughts… even here on a locked blog.

I met with the  new DDO, Revd Dr Georgina Byrne, and she’s pretty awesome. She said I was her first candidate to put through and really as the meeting progressed, I realised I was helping her through it as much as she was helping me. I feel quite confident with her that I can talk and more importantly be myself.

I was quite intrigued by one of her comments which was “we’d like to keep you in the diocese” when refereing to after grad posting. That may be a mandatory statement but still interesting non the less.

I’m seeing her again next week on the 6th Jan. I may get an actual BAP date then but she did gestimate the BAP would be March/April. Surely it can’t be during Holy week?

Another turn of events which quite tickles me is that my parents have started to say “When you go to Uni in september”. Its nice they have accepted my path and encouraging me on. Not that I ever doubted they would but I still feel the need to say IF not WHEN! Lolz!  I’ll keep my seed of doubt, it feels right and proper to do so.


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