College Open days

I realise these blog entries are not in the right date order! I’m just catching up here

30th Jan Saw Ripon Cuddeson college ! Maybe it was the cold or the small rooms or the sense of tension in the air rising from the students/ staff but something didn’t feel right. That and the overwhelming feeling families with children were more looked after than single residential folk, i dunno. But i don’t think i’ll be going there. I hate eating in cramped conditions too! We were all jammed in so much so that I had to wait for the people behind me to move before i could! In any case it was a huge reality check!

6th Feb Visited Westcott college in Cambridge. Much bigger site and less claustrophic than Ripon although no stunning country views! But the day was filled with laughter, awesome worship albeit far more Catholic than I am used to and very warm , friendly students who went out of their way to say hello and share their time. The staff were the same too. The meal and dinning room was also much more civilised. Meal times are come when your ready. I signed up for an interiew there and then.  I saw two wonderful people who pleasantly surprised me with knowledge of pagan stuff! In fact i was told I could do my dissertation on the druid / celtic christian worship crossover!

Almost a week later I had a letter from Westcott offering me a conditional place which I have taken up.  Cambridge is a bueatiful place and I can’t wait to study there!

Westcott house


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