Two more DDO meetings and a Bishop, plus Refs

I have seen the DDO two or three times since the last blog post.  They have mostly been about her writing her report on me for the BAP.

Oh yeah, my BAP date is 10th May. I guess I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with the new level of realness to be write.

I’ve also had to reread my reg form to check if anything more needs adding or changing since i wrote it last July.  Its now been sent off.  I’ve also had to think about the presentation I am to give at the BAP with suitable discussion. I thought of the theme first (sacred space) then the questions before thinking through the presentation itself.

I saw Bishop David of Dudley last wednesday.  He’s a lovely chap and I was surprised that my thinking is quite similar to his.  His questions were very deep and complicated.  I wasn’t sure if I had answered them well but he was said he was still happy to sponsor me!

My refs have been requested from the designated people I listed.  They were each given a 20 questions complete. All of them bar my vicar were really stressed by this and asked for my help as they could only answer the questions after talking with me.  So i now have a copy of each one apart from the vicar’s as he didn’t comply with the request and did his own thing.


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