Wow, where did the time go?

So I haven’t blogged like I said I would! I think I might have gone to hibernation mode after the news in May. So to catch up the DDO has kept me busy with activities to build my confidence and experience. Since September last year I have been on placement at a group of churches near Evesham. This has been a wonderful, exciting, depressing but ultimately brilliant experience. I can’t talk about the painful bits here as that would break confidentiality. Suffice to say, distinctly unchristian attitudes are afoot! Still, this is a small core of folk but the rest seem genuinely good and faithful folk. They have accepted me with warmth and friendliness. I have been to meetings (many many meetings), led worship and preached. My confidence has soared as has my faith.
Now my placement has come to an end and i’ve decided to stay as it feels right to do so.


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