I Am

I’ve been chewing over the idea behind “I Am”, in  particular Mark 12:32: “There is one God; and there is none other but he”.  I had a flash of inspiration about what this could mean. It came to me that there is just One God because all human ideas of God are actually the same God.  So the ‘other’ gods are not separate to God. People are actually talking to the I Am in a way they can relate to.  The I Am is limitless, is All , is everything, the great zero.  And we are part of that limitless, the I Am.  There are no divisions, no duality.

In my concern that is thought is not wholly Christian thinking I asked the opinion of a Christian friend who wrote

“I think what you are saying is very important Christian teaching: Jesus is the love who disappears so all ways of seeing God can be – as long as they are love – if not love they are not God.  Jesus is so much greater than the narrow boxes some Christians create, I think.”

Love is the key, the intent that binds the All together.  I should use that word more often.


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