The Lull

Time to pause

Time to pause

I want each blog I write to be meaningful and so that prevents me from writing anything at times.  Then I realised that even apparent nothingness has meaning.  You see, after the amazing moments of spiritual intensity of the past few weeks, there is now the lull.  There always tends to be a lull, a pause. Its kinda like the spirit resting with whats its been given. To hold it, merge with it and perhaps just grow from the nourishment.

Of course, after a period of intensity , its easy to panic that God is no longer talking or listening. Such is our human modern need to be constantly filled with new things.  Yet lull is natural. Everything does it. A time to just stop and be.  I find it with my weight loss.  I can loose several pounds for several weeks and then the body just stops as if it needs time to adjust to the dramatic change.

So, let our souls and spirits adjust to the growing divine spark living inside us. Take a breath. Be still. Smile quietly.



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  1. hiwaychristian
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 20:30:04

    I was searching tag surfer and saw your post. This is a post we rarely see. And I am happy to see it. I too have felt this “lull”. But in a very interesting way. The Lord allowed me to build over a 2 year period. Sometimes it was a flurry of activity, sometimes not so much. But I found it interesting that one day I just lost every inspiration to post. Then it dawned slowly on my heart that I was to close the blog. It was finished. hmmm. I wouldn’t have expected that. But I closed it.

    In retrospect, it’s like offering up our work as a sacrifice. We give back to God what God brought to life. And I’m fine with that. (good thing huh?)

    Thank You Lord, for Your servants who seek to bring You Glory and Honor. May You continue to bless the work of Your hands.

    By His Grace.


    • Emma
      Apr 05, 2011 @ 20:40:08

      Thank you for your comment. I guess I did find inspiration to write after all! Also, I do think that we need to stop dividing up our lives into moments of wonder and mundane. There is wonder in everything and every second of the day if we just open up our awareness. Divine blessings on your journey.


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