Why be ordained?

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So last night I was praying and asking about the question Why do I need to be ordained.  Its a major question for me to gain some sort of reasonable answer as it will be asked during the selection conference. But its a real stumper and very individual to each person.

The thoughts that came to me were that ordination is an outward sign of an inner truth.  I have already accepted my first call of being a priest of God as I already serve Him and people.  Ordination would be the confirmation of the second call, of making my service public in the community.  I see the role of priest as one who looks out for those who are seeking, one who guides others in their development of their relationship with God.  The key to the development of  this relationship, i feel,  is the taking of communion and with it, the undertaking of repentance and receiving forgiveness.  Communion is important to me because its a moment of connection with God and connects me with the community (Church) of God.  Ideally, the church is also fed and built up by the rite of communion so that they can go out and live as Christ calls us to live.  So, to be ordained is to be released by the community of the church to preside at this precious moment of joining the church and God in love,  forgiveness and reconciliation. I have experienced all of these areas and feel compelled to share them with all people.

This is quite a scary prospect. Yet this reaction is quite normal.  In Luke 5:1-11, Jesus call the first disciples. Simon – peter is reported as falling to his knees in fear but Jesus quite calmly replies  to Simon, “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.”

These fishermen were quite inadequate to be priests if you think about it.  Fishermen are more used to working in small groups in isolation so I guess their people skills would not be upto speaking to large groups, giving pastoral care and speaking about faith in a fluent manner. Yet Christ picks them and God equips them to do His work.   And so it still is with us today if only we just ask.


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  1. Ernest
    May 05, 2011 @ 16:20:49

    The aspect of not being equipped for ministry is that we feel ill-prepared and inadequate. We hear that Jesus would not call us unless he was going to provide for us to learn or to acquire the necessary skills.

    That’s fine, but it needs to be two-way traffic. I had been thinking that way, when it came to me during prayer that it was also up to us to provide the opportunities for us to learn and to grow and to allow the spirit to empower us.

    This requires an openess to God and the spirit which is quite awsome. If we are completely open, but prepared to work with the spirit, we will overcome the weaknesses we have and be enabled and empowered to do the work God is calling us to.

    Love the new blog by the way. 🙂


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