I wear a cross to work

gold necklaceI have a renewed sense of God.  My journey towards this point has been a sharp, short shock and a little too painful to write publicly here. Never the less, God is real, very real and uber awesome. Well, durr, I may hear you say but for me, as I said, this has been a renewed revelation. I knew God is real and yet, over time, something happened to me that blocked that sense of His reality. Perhaps, as the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt and so I had become too comfortable with who I though God was and who I thought I was in Him.  Well maybe. Who knows. I can’t describe in words what has happened except to say it has been good and remains good n growey.  I’m happy for one thing.  More staggering though is that I am excited about my call. I’m excited about training to be a priest. I’m excited I am going to the BAP conference in February. I’m passionate about this. Its like I have awoken from a sleep.

Yet this excitement has given me a problem. I now find my normal work a little more tedious.  It’s no longer what I want to do, what I should be doing.  I now where a cross to work as a point of showing outwardly what I feel internally.  So perhaps wearing it is for me than for others. I’m not showing off that I’m a christian but rather it is an outward sign of my internal acceptance of my call and what i’m suppose to be doing.


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