Holy Saturday: death and rebirth

Again, belated post.  I guess it’s taken a while to take on board the decisions that have been happening in my life.   First off, I have been recomended for ordination training in the C of E.  Bishop David of Worcester phoned me a week after BAP on the thursday with the news.  I was in class at the time although not formally lecturing.  It was the most stress releasing, happiest moment ever. I can tell you the wait after BAP is awful. Words cannot describe how horrid the time was! But now things have moved on a pace.

The next step is quitting my job and then beginning training in September.  I had a look at Westcott House and Ripon College Cuddesdon. I didnt get a place at Westcott but I wasn’t really that keen on the place.  I have been offered a place at Cuddesdon and have accepted it.  So thats settled. Min Dov have been notified which now means that funding will be put in place.  The course I’m going to do is the Fda / BA in Theology from Oxford Brookes because its all portfolio based and I already have a far number of theology modules completed which means i’ll be able to complete the degree in two years.

I’m a bit excited. I have my moments of wow cool! but overall going to college is just another step along the way.

This Easter for me has been one of again coming to terms with what God is doing, letting go and not resisting, grieving for the passing of my old life as a lecturer and accepting the birth of my new life as an ordinand. We all die with Christ on Good friday, holding on to the hope that we will arise renewed with Him at Easter.  We die again and again. Yet, like a grain of wheat, if we die, we can bring forth much fruit.


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