Bishop Advisory Panel Thoughts BAP

I nearly titled this post How to get through a BAP but on second thoughts I think that would have been silly. The BAP selection conference is not about getting through however much one may feel geared up to do so. In fact, and I guess as I have been selected it is easy to say so, going to the conference with an attitude of wanting to get through is most likely detrimental to the process. I say this because, above all, the process taught me that old chestnut of relying on His strength and not ours is actually very key. Way before the BAP I realised i could not (and should not ) get through the conference in my own power and ability. So however much I read and experienced the church, it did not count for anything until my relationship with God was sorted.

So, if you think you’re called to the priesthood, get yourself right with Jesus first because only by Him can you truly serve. The rest ( church trad, theology etc) will then fall into place.


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  3. Merry
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 19:34:14

    Hello Emma, are you the same Emma I BAP’ed with in Feb! If so I take it you got through! Congratulations! Where are you off to for training? x


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