Jesus Deck and Lectio Divina

About a month back I went to a workshop exploring the Lectio Divina.  It was led by Michael Woodward and was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Before we began Michael went around the group asking what experience we had of Lectio Divina.  I mentioned I heard it being used with the Jesus Deck.  He hadn’t heard of this and asked for more info. This post is to record research about using the Lectio Divina with the Jesus Deck.   Personally, although I have the deck I am not into using it.

So today I sent an email with more information about the Jesus Deck used with Lectio.  Sadly I found the website explaining how the deck is used with Lectio had gone and so had to use the Internet Archive to gain the info. For my own records I’m copying the howto here:

using the jesus deck with a lectio divina mosaic…

“After visiting a local psychic fair I wondered about using the jesus deck within a ‘lectio divina’ framework (an ancient method of Bible study sometimes described as a ‘contemplative praying of the Scriptures’).  In a tarot or angel reading you normally sit face to face with the expectancy for the reader to reveal something to you.  The concept in a lectio divina reading is based on finding ‘inspiration for the journey’ together through the various messages within the jesus deck.  As such I designed the mosaic cloth to be used by people sitting side by side, to journey together through the reading.  It is a model of accompaniment rather than of professional teller.  In this context I have defined the four lectio divina sections as: lectio (deep reading / listening), meditatio (personal reflection), oratio (prayer) and contemplatio (life application).  The jesus deck card is placed on the bottom left of the mosaic in the first section, lectio.  Lectio is about the discovery of the reading and a deep exploration of the card and interpretation in its original context (other people have written well on how to explain the jesus deck cards).  The card is then moved up to the second section, meditatio.  This is an opportunity to explore with the person how the reading might connect with their life and for them to open up and share stories and issues that might be appropriate.  Once a connection of some sort has been made between these first two sections the card moves right to the oratio section.  This is an area of opportunity to use various forms of prayer, meditation, laying on of hands, anointing with oil; a time to allow God to speak into a person’s life.  The card finally moves down to the last section, contemplatio, which gives space for thoughts about life application and what a person might be taking away with them.  I will be designing a small card with a graphic of the cloth, a short explanation of lectio divina, as well as a space to write the Bible verse from the jesus deck card so they can take away a reminder and continue with the reading in their own time.”

Original page was here by Martin Thomas – yes its blank!

Jonny Baker mentions using the Jesus Deck on his blog 

And there is a blog on the Jesus deck here


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  1. Yoda
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 00:50:44

    Great article about the Jesus Deck and Lectio Divina which has given me much spiritual food-for-thought on the next stage of my Christian (teaching) journey. Any ideas where can I get a Lectio Divina Mosaic?


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