B.A.P. – the return. Or what I found helpful to know

I meant to post this a while back but now is as good as time as any.  I’m not saying that the following is the magic formula for getting through a BAP as there is no such thing. Let me repeat that. There is NO magic formula or RIGHT answers.  IF you think there are then your already barking up the wrong tree and you definitely will not get through.

So things I found useful to know:

  • Missio Dei – God is the root of all mission because if He hadn’t sent His son, we would not know about Him as fully as we do so now.  This leads to:-
  • The Five marks of Mission- Read them here and memorise (not to show off but to base your thinking on).
  • Pastoral letter: State confidentiality (yes obvious but your showing them you know).  Use a quote from the Bible that connects with subject.
  • Attend all worship.
  • Know what the Lectionary is.
  • Know the roles of Bishop, priest and deacon are.  This here by Father Heard is a good post on deacons and priests
  • Read the ordination services for both priest and deacon.  Think about what ‘speaks’ to you and why.  Quote it.
  • Think about what kind of leader you will be, what kind of  leader Christ is (was?! lol).
  • Don’t worry about quoting from books.
  • Don’t worry you wont remember all the good stuff you’ve read and thought about.  You are imbued with it all.

I may add more as I remember more but just getting it out of my head as 3months later I’m still thinking about it!  It took me a month to recover from the BAP and the result! So be good to yourself.


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