What will you read today?

This is me procrastinating instead of getting on with my Constantine assignment…

Anyhoo, this image from twitter just caught my attention: (you may want to click on it to be able to read it)
What your choice of paper says about you.

I got it from some guy called Richard Parkinson twitter account

You may find it funny but to me it just brought a smile. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my DDO during which I discovered that the choice of paper you read reflects upon the type of person you are. So apparently reading the Daily Mail is an absolute no no if you feel called towards the priesthood as it’s a paper renowned for bigotry, racism and general biased nastiness. So, of course, one denies buying such papers such is the pressure of one’s peers. Which is true, I don’t buy the paper… my parents do. They were equally astonished that the papers have social stigma attached to them. They buy as it’s cheap, has a good TV page and fairly interesting content (although too much football at times). It’s a paper to read over a quick coffee or breakfast and certainly not considered to be taken as anything serious or entirely ‘true’.  Sort of mental bubble gum if you will.  A little taste but no nutritional value.

Yet, during the first time I went to BAP, the question ‘What paper do you buy?’ was asked. And, truthfully, I said I do not buy papers but prefer to read The Independent or Guardian online (these are the ‘safe’ choices). Yes, I know, I had a funky attitude to BAP. Too much in ‘giving them the answer I thought they wanted’, not ones that came from me. I’d learnt that by the second BAP which was why it was much better.

Funny how we told to not judge people and yet we find ways of measuring them against our expectations even if the person has no idea of the scale they are being held against.  So next time you buy a paper, think about what message you are giving the world about yoursefl – then with a shrug buy it anyway! (unless of course you agree with said world about papers and so avoid) 🙂


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  1. minidvr
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 16:06:09

    The strange thing about my BAP, they weren’t interested in what media I read or used, just what I hadn’t got. Qualifications or an academic track record.

    The other thing I apparently posses is of leadership, of the ‘directive’ kind, not collaborative style they wanted to see. Despite ample evidence from references of an effective collaborative leadership over a 20 years or more, where the team I led was 25, mixed civilian and military, their preference was for their observation

    I wouldn’t do what you did, go back. One rejection is enough,


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