Life at Cuddesdon

I’m into my second term at Cuddesdon. The time is going so fast! Everyday there is morning and evening prayer as well as Eurcharist.  Then theres various group things like serving tea, assiting with worship and security duty.  There are lectures of course! Some on ministry, or scripture and also spirituality pyschology!  I have been Chapel sacristan for a week which was lovely to look after the chapel, set out the altar and all the other bits and bobs that go with setting up.  Ringing the bell was fun too!

So far I have submitted two portfolios and received B+ for each which is not bad!  I’m working on Stage 2 of the FdA and so next academic year I should be able to go onto the BA or do an MA.  I havent decided as yet!

Everyone here is lovely and have their own particualar gifts. Its been wonderful to share. We have fun too.  But most of all I enjoy my room with its three windows and fireplace.  I can’t have an open fire though sadly! Still, its plenty warm enough!

I can’t describe formation. I know its happening. I sense a difference in myself but its all so subtle.  Perhaps it all the time in prayer!


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