20 days till Ordination

I’m trying to find my writing voice after two years of training in an institution. I would have liked to have blogged more during that time but, with hindsight, silence was the better path. College is a liminal space between two worlds. Words cannot explain the formation process as most of it is spiritual or deeply psychological. I could say some of of the time involved fun times with friends, experiences and challenging academically. Yet this would not paint the full picture and feels somewhat cheapening. There were bad times too which were mostly due to my own perception of things and nothing to do with what I actually did!
So again here I am in liminal space, sitting in bed thinking about what’s going to happen in 20 days. That day when the church confirms what it tentatively thought after BAP and I agree to say yes. Yes to serving Christ, His people and the church. And by His people I mean all people whether they are Xtian or not.
However, between now and then, there is so much to do. A house to move stuff in, invites to send, a holiday to go on and a retreat! My life is betwixt and between places, people and purpose.
Here’s to the liminal space! A state I’m pretty sure my life will always be in.

Oh, you ask if I’m happy? Well, yes, I am a bit!


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