Hate or Love?

Romans 6:12 – end. Matthew 10:40 – end
Your reward will be in heaven!  The wages of sin is death!
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These are the phrases often used on placards by people shouting the gospel on street corners.  They shout all sorts things like Repent, Jesus loves you etc, words that the average Joe on the street would have no clue, no understanding about.  When I see them, I wonder… what sort of message are they really giving?  What are people really hearing?  It’s certainly not the unconditional love of God.  What their hearing and so believing, wrongly, is that Christians are programmed to be intolerant, programmed to attack others who are different to them, who don’t follow Christ and therefore are in sin.  Is this what we are called to do? Do we find ourselves programmed, conditioned to attack sin and let people know they are sinful and going to hell?  Is this our mandate?



Following Jesus brings conflict!

25th June 2017 2nd Sunday after Trinity.   Romans 6:1b-11, Matthew 10:24-39

During this past week, someone checked with me that the gospel reading they had for today was the correct one.  On my reply that it was, their response was, I think, with a bit of a sigh and an ugh! I don’t like that one, it’s not nice having to say setting a man against his Father or daughter against her mother!

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Pentecost: Flame of the Spirit.

Acts 2:1-21, John 14:15-end.

Pentecost! One of my favourite days of the church’s calendar! A day that celebrates the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church. We are reminded of God’s mysterious, regenerative power. The arrival of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples came at a time when they still lived in fear. They had remained locked up in their room, too scared to go out. And when the Spirit descended on them, the bible describes that tongues of flame appeared upon their heads.


Encouraging one another.

28th May 2017 Ephesians 1.15-23.

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This past week, and this month, has been a pitted with terrible and frightening events. Humanity has displayed both despicable and commendable behaviour, not just by the average Joe on the street but also by leaders of the world.  More

Ascension 2017

Ascension 25th May 2017.  Acts 1.1-11, Luke 24.44-53.

This past week has seen yet another tragedy. It would be an amiss of me not to mention the terrorist bombing in Manchester last Monday and the lives lost in such a senseless act of violence. What are we to make of these horrific events? How are we to respond? On this day that marks the ascension of Christ, I think we can at least begin to understand our place and purpose here, right now. More

Growing closer to God?

21st May 2017 Acts 17:22-31, John 14:15-21 6th Sunday After Easter

Earlier this year you may recall me speaking about attending a licensing of my friend in Somerset. As I read through the readings for today I was reminded of the words from the Bishop on that evening. She spoke about the congregation, their worship and their hope of growing closer to God. More

Memorial service for those who’ve lost loved ones.

7th May 2017. Reading: Romans 8:31-end

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Hope is what we cling to in the time of tragedy.
Some of you may have heard the story in the news recently of the Scottish surfer lost at sea for thirty-two hours. 22-year-old Matthew Bryce could not have known how his normal day of surfing would end with him stranded out to sea floating helplessly out to sea. Clinging to his surf board, he tried battling against the wind, paddling with all his might but of no use. As the hours passed and his shouts to passing boats went unheard, he said he’d almost lost hope “thinking I was going to die, I was almost convinced. More

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