Growing closer to God?

21st May 2017 Acts 17:22-31, John 14:15-21 6th Sunday After Easter

Earlier this year you may recall me speaking about attending a licensing of my friend in Somerset. As I read through the readings for today I was reminded of the words from the Bishop on that evening. She spoke about the congregation, their worship and their hope of growing closer to God. More


The Spiritual Life – untangling emotion sources.

My Spiritual director introduced me to a new idea and term last Wednesday.  He mentioned something called the Spiritual life.  I may have heard this before but never quite so succinctly.  I’ve probably been used to hearing another term meaning the same thing.  He used it in reference to discerning between ones own emotional state and borrowed emotion from others.  So, part of the spiritual life is developing the ability to discern and detangle  internal emotions and emotions absorbed from others for gaining clarity about whats really going on both within ourselves and other people.

As I contemplate the move to Cuddesdon and the inherent changes, I do go through various emotions ranging from excitement to sadness.  Now I am at peace as I have been able to unravel the emotional sources of such highs and lows and so am now feeling much more readied.

Family service talk podcast!

This the first time i have ever recorded myself.  There is some buzz at the beginning so sorry the sound quality is off a bit.

Short talk for Family service

Mark 6:1-13

May I speak in the name of the Father, the son and the holy spirit.

Have you ever tried juggling?  (Juggles 3 balls)I know that’s not a question you would normally expect to hear on t Sunday morning but let me explain.  You see, to be able to juggle does take a certain amount of skill, patience and faith.  Skill, because the eyes and hands need to work together. Patience because keeping three balls or more in the air does not happen in five minute.  But faith, why would you need faith? Well there two sort of faiths happening. One is faith in yourself that you can learn to juggle and two faith in gravity.  Both types of faith are a little tricky to fully believe.  Faith in yourself is down to confidence and positive experience gained from overcoming past  failures.  Whereas as faith in gravity you would think is a bit of a no brainer. (drops a ball) See, there I proved gravity exists…  but I cannot as easily prove the cause of gravity.  If we think for a moment that we are on a planet that is spinning so fast that we literally being pulled down on it. Well it does boggle the brain somewhat!  Yet, thankfully, here we are firmly attached to the ground and not floating off somewhere.


Why I enjoy Common Worship Daily Prayer

Common worship Daily Prayer Book

Common worship Daily Prayer Book

I’ve been thinking of this post for a while.  The daily prayers from the C of E has become part of my daily routine which is a surprise really.  Before my journey towards possible ordination really took momentum my prayer life was a little, well, sporadic.  I prayed when I remembered to or on the way to work or when ever really. No structure, depth or focus.  Yet it was good in its simplistic way.  And in other ways not so because it was at my convenience and so without discipline.

Then, by my acting DDO, I was asked to try the Common worship daily prayer.  Now, me being me, being told to do something without understanding why does not go very well.  I did it for a while, got bored and just forgot.  You see I thought my prayer life was good enough as it was.


Jesus Deck and Lectio Divina

About a month back I went to a workshop exploring the Lectio Divina.  It was led by Michael Woodward and was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Before we began Michael went around the group asking what experience we had of Lectio Divina.  I mentioned I heard it being used with the Jesus Deck.  He hadn’t heard of this and asked for more info. This post is to record research about using the Lectio Divina with the Jesus Deck.   Personally, although I have the deck I am not into using it.


Holy Saturday: death and rebirth

Again, belated post.  I guess it’s taken a while to take on board the decisions that have been happening in my life.   First off, I have been recomended for ordination training in the C of E.  Bishop David of Worcester phoned me a week after BAP on the thursday with the news.  I was in class at the time although not formally lecturing.  It was the most stress releasing, happiest moment ever. I can tell you the wait after BAP is awful. Words cannot describe how horrid the time was! But now things have moved on a pace.


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