Set fire to those Todo lists!

HT 8am Luke 10.38-42 Amos 8.1-12, or Colossians 1.15-28  16th July 2016

But the Lord answered her, ‘Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; 42there is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her.’

I don’t know about you but it seems the older I get the more I need to keep lists of things I need to do.  Life gets soo busy doesn’t it?  And the busier life is the harder it is to remember everything. Demands from family, friends, work and, dare I say, church!  My to-do list is never ending with things to buy, places to go and people to meet.  I wonder if you have similar lists of things to do? More

Change is to be welcomed.

Mark 7: 1-23 EP HT 10th July 2016 Gen 32:9-30, Ps 77


Part of what makes the Anglican Church the via middle way is the conviction that its beliefs and practices must derive from a thorough integration of Scripture, reason, and tradition.  Trying to achieve a perfect balance of these this is nigh on impossible, however, our church believes that we are in danger of teaching and living heresy if one of the categories dominates to the extent that the others are excluded.  So, next time anyone asks what is exactly is an Anglican then just quote Scripture, reason, and tradition.  Then send them to read up on Richard Hooker, one of the most influential priests of the Church of England in the 16th Century!


Granny Puppet realises she will no longer be a pew potatoe

Family service HT 03 July 2016 Luke 10: 1-11, 16-20 with baptism 2 Kings 5.1-14

Granny puppet talks about:

  • Being Baptised and going to church regularly
  • Her love for her Garden – found poorly bird, prayed and cared for the little blackbird. (thinks) If I can do that, what can I do for people?
  • She decides to stop being a Pew potato and do something with the gift God has given her. (explain a pew potato is someone who just comes to church and sits on the pew. Then when service is over, they get up and go home.  Kind of like a couch potato.)
  • She realises she can do something; she can pray for others.


Loving the demonized. Short Homily

Galatians 3.23-29, Luke 8.26-39 8am Homily HT.

In one of my former careers at a college, the end of the academic year always involved a time of staff training.  I remember that at one of these training days the team was gathered around a table for a team building exercise.  During the team building session, the team leader asked for each of us to reflect a moment on our colleagues.  They then asked us to pick a particular team member with which we found difficult to work with and write down all the faults of this person.  They then invited us to share this faults along with the person’s name with the group.  Now, as you can imagine, I was appalled by this and felt I had to step in.  So, before the exercise began I spoke up by telling a story of  an encounter with a Nun I met while on retreat.  I said that the Nun told me that the things we do not like in other people are usually the things we dislike in ourselves.  After a moment of silence by the group, I realised that my point had incidentally put paid to the exercise as no one was willing to complete the task.


Sin, forgiveness, hospitality and love! 12th June Sermon

The reading from Luke today is quite a meaty one.  In the passage we are reminded about sin, forgiveness, hospitality and love.  Three challenging themes on varying levels and for the past two weeks I’ve wondered how to approach them.  Now forgiveness, hospitality and love are fairly easy to talk about but sin. Sin is one of those words we respond to like getting a paper cut, sucking air through our teeth in pain and shaking the sting out of our fingers.  So today, I’m not going to major on sin but draw all the themes together.


The Trinity or Why God created us: Trinity Sunday 22nd May 2016

 Romans 5:1-5 and John 16: 12-15

Why did God create us?  Why did God create you or you or even me?  That statement of why on earth did God create me, is possibly something quite often thought by David as he contemplates his curate….


Sermon on Prayer: Archbishop’s week of prayer

John 17.20-26, Revelation 22.12-14, 16,17,20,21.

A month or so back, an envelope arrived through my door bearing the seal stamp of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  This does not happen every day and so you can imagine my surprise as well as a pang of angst – what have I done now?!  I needn’t of worried though.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised and excited by Archbishop Justin’s letter.  The Archbishops had written to every serving parish priest in the Church of England expressing their longing “to see a great wave of prayer across our land, throughout the Church of England and many other Churches” this week from the 8th to 15th May.

Listen along!


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