New day, new life

I’ve been really challenge of late about the items kept over from my pagan days. So I’ve had a mass clear out of stuff to be either recycled or land fill. Then the following day I went to a surprise BCP HC service. I say surprise as I didn’t know it was going to be BCP (book of common prayer) until the service actually started which, by then, it was too difficult to leave!  So having being subjected to the 1662 service I realised that actually it was pretty good as the language and the poetry just melted me.  Having to concentrate darn hard really helped my focus and so I found the service very helpful/ powerful!  I began to sense a deep realization of absolution directly from taking communion  but I wont repeat here what I said under breath once I got back to my place after receiving communion. Lets just say I was quite moved.  Plus bonus, I haven’t been to a BCP service in years and so was a very good experience to notch up.

So, having my past forgiven and my accepting the absolution has moved on my journey with God immensely.  And, I see now more clearly the importance of offering absolution in the name of Christ is key in the role of a priest.  As a priest I will be there along side the people to encourage, prompt and hopefully offer absolution to those who ask for it, who see they cannot move forward in faith until they are right with God.