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More books to read

My DDO, Georgina, has spotted  I have a weak area. Its mission. Somehow I can’t stop immediatley thinking of ‘in your face’ evanglical  ‘follow christ or be dammed’ type of spreading the gospel when i hear the word mission. I forget the stuff i know that actually mission can be anything from sharing life stories to breaking bread together.  So she’s armed me with the following:

Journeying Out: Ann Morisy,
Mission-shaped Church: Church Planting and Fresh Expressions of Church in a Changing Context,
Mission-shaped Parish: Traditional Church in a Changing World.

And she wants me to get into praying the daily office for morning and evening prayer and so I now have

Common Worship: Daily Prayer  and Common Worship: Lectionary Advent 2009 to Advent 2010.

But I have found these are online. So I’ve set up my google calender with morning and evening appointments as alarms to spur me into action and in the appointment subject lines  are links to the online common worship prayer for morning or evening accordingly. This means I can access the office anywhere and any time! Go me!

College Open days

I realise these blog entries are not in the right date order! I’m just catching up here

30th Jan Saw Ripon Cuddeson college ! Maybe it was the cold or the small rooms or the sense of tension in the air rising from the students/ staff but something didn’t feel right. That and the overwhelming feeling families with children were more looked after than single residential folk, i dunno. But i don’t think i’ll be going there. I hate eating in cramped conditions too! We were all jammed in so much so that I had to wait for the people behind me to move before i could! In any case it was a huge reality check!

6th Feb Visited Westcott college in Cambridge. Much bigger site and less claustrophic than Ripon although no stunning country views! But the day was filled with laughter, awesome worship albeit far more Catholic than I am used to and very warm , friendly students who went out of their way to say hello and share their time. The staff were the same too. The meal and dinning room was also much more civilised. Meal times are come when your ready. I signed up for an interiew there and then.  I saw two wonderful people who pleasantly surprised me with knowledge of pagan stuff! In fact i was told I could do my dissertation on the druid / celtic christian worship crossover!

Almost a week later I had a letter from Westcott offering me a conditional place which I have taken up.  Cambridge is a bueatiful place and I can’t wait to study there!

Westcott house

Two more DDO meetings and a Bishop, plus Refs

I have seen the DDO two or three times since the last blog post.  They have mostly been about her writing her report on me for the BAP.

Oh yeah, my BAP date is 10th May. I guess I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with the new level of realness to be write.

I’ve also had to reread my reg form to check if anything more needs adding or changing since i wrote it last July.  Its now been sent off.  I’ve also had to think about the presentation I am to give at the BAP with suitable discussion. I thought of the theme first (sacred space) then the questions before thinking through the presentation itself.

I saw Bishop David of Dudley last wednesday.  He’s a lovely chap and I was surprised that my thinking is quite similar to his.  His questions were very deep and complicated.  I wasn’t sure if I had answered them well but he was said he was still happy to sponsor me!

My refs have been requested from the designated people I listed.  They were each given a 20 questions complete. All of them bar my vicar were really stressed by this and asked for my help as they could only answer the questions after talking with me.  So i now have a copy of each one apart from the vicar’s as he didn’t comply with the request and did his own thing.

DDO Meeting 9th December 09

I should have worte this right after seeing the DDO but events transpired against it. So a very sketchy report. Funny, I still feel inhibited to talk openly about my not so regular spiritual thoughts… even here on a locked blog.

I met with the  new DDO, Revd Dr Georgina Byrne, and she’s pretty awesome. She said I was her first candidate to put through and really as the meeting progressed, I realised I was helping her through it as much as she was helping me. I feel quite confident with her that I can talk and more importantly be myself.

I was quite intrigued by one of her comments which was “we’d like to keep you in the diocese” when refereing to after grad posting. That may be a mandatory statement but still interesting non the less.

I’m seeing her again next week on the 6th Jan. I may get an actual BAP date then but she did gestimate the BAP would be March/April. Surely it can’t be during Holy week?

Another turn of events which quite tickles me is that my parents have started to say “When you go to Uni in september”. Its nice they have accepted my path and encouraging me on. Not that I ever doubted they would but I still feel the need to say IF not WHEN! Lolz!  I’ll keep my seed of doubt, it feels right and proper to do so.

DDO Meeting 3rd Sept

Good meeting with DDO. He was impressed with the BAP form, with every section receiving a good. Just a few typos to sort out and add the modules I achieved from a Theology degree I started via post from Oxford Brookes. Those are going under Christian teachings / learning. He liked the way I covered the episode with Coventry Diocese without emotional agro (my words). He also liked that I had other interests apart from computers!!
He asked if I had done the reading and what I’d thought about them. I showed the notes I’d made from one book (Deep calls to Deep) which he took off me. I explained why I hadn’t read the other book which also seemed to be taken ok. But I think I might try to read that before seeing the new DDO in October.

He gave me the task of writing a written Reflection “Write on an aspect of mission and evangelism that is related to your experience and to which you feel drawn as part of your calling.” I done it on my love of growing acorns and comparing that to caring for people. The DDO emailed today to say thanks and that he’d enjoyed reading it so I hope its ok.

I’m now waiting to meet up with the new DDO in October.

Its all sooo happening, its utterly amazing!

Sent BAP Form

Well its finally done. My whole spiritual life summed up in 12 pages. Kinda weird to see it all in print. Bit narked that after a few days rest while on Holls I’ve realised I could have added a bit more in a one place, namley the christian courses section. I could have put about going on Alpha course and the Jesus video project course. Nevermind.
Quite chuffed that after I posted a signed cop and emailed an electronic version off on the 10th and 11th July, the Acting DDO emailed me on the Sunday evening to say thanks. He also said he was seeing the new DDO on Monday 13th July and therefore my timing with all the docs was perfect. So now am waiting for him to contact me after he’s read them through. As well as the BAP registration form I sent:
List of referees,
Disclosure of criminal record form
Ethnic monitoring form
Statement of fincancial position.

He didn’t ask for these but I found them on the C of E website and thought I’d send them anyway!

The C of E website is very difficult to navigate. Well at least I find it so. Its just won an award so perhaps I’m just daft! Anyhoo, the link I’ve posted above is as much for me as it is for anyone else!

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