another dream

In my dream last night, I had a wind instrument like a pan pipe. I played and the fairy folk cam out and danced . IBut i had trouble with the pipes which stopped the music. The fairy folk stopped dancing – so i looked for my hand drum and they they may have danced to that – not sure.


after the dream

in the dream i was walking through a forest – the trees had their roots growing above ground. A white birch tree and an oak tree had their roots intertwined.
Then i heard celtic music. the road split into two. I took the road on the left. I found a hotel called The Tuatha de Danann. Thats where the music came from.

I went inside and the reception area had a huge scallop shell in plaster on the ceiling in white with blue background. I asked the receptionist about the music. Then I found them taking me to a place where i was robed and given 3 books, a service book a liturgy book and a music book.

When i woke up i found the bed clothes had left creases on the back on my hand and to me it looked like the IONA wild celtic goose

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For those who can’t see it i’ve penciled it in
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another day of being ill

Woolly head and trying to work doesn’t go together. I thought i’d be better now but instead i’m still feeling thick headed and painful sinuses. On top of that a nice work colleague is bugging me for results. It was a simple matter of emailing a spreadsheet but still, I’m in a don’t wanna know mood.