New website launched this week – Christian Travellers in the New Spiritual Culture

Visit Christian Travellers in the New Spiritual Culture

I’ve just joined and not yet chance to scope it out. Looks good though!


Christopaganism – echoes of the feral

I seem to be having a time of being bombarded with crossovers between paganism and christianity. The month of May has always been poignant for me with its celebration of Beltane – the first summer night and the welcoming of the May queen (or Mary as I like to think). The burst of spring in its fullest with the May flower in bloom, new borns everywhere and the general waking up of the earth speaks soo deeply to me. There is resonance which fills my being and brings new hopes and energy.
So I started the month with a song in which has the lyrics ‘Hail, hail the Queen of the May. Now is the season, now is the day. A time to laugh and time to play. Hail, Hail the Queen of the May!’ To me this just speaks of Mary, Mother of Christ in her fullness, creator and joy over being Mother carrying the Hope of Christ. Not sure how the two became connected in my head but there it is!

And next I’m sent a Celtic Christian ritual celebrating Beltane where I find perfect synergy between faith in Christ and deep knowing of our connection to the earth. A celebration of Life, hope and beauty. I steal a verse and insert it neatly into the intercessions I read out at church. They liked it.
I find myself praying with lighted beeswax candles and praying the ignation prayer of desolation / consolation. All is good.
Yesterday, Steve Hollinghurst accepts my friend request on Facebook and instantly messages me with a welcome and then later a msg about joining his forum. This guy is now priested but was once a occultist into ritual magic. I look through my library of books and find I have a Grove booklet written by him on pagainsm and christianity.
Then today, my vicar of all people, emails me a link to new book out entitled “Christopaganism: An Inclusive Path” by Joyce and River Higginbotham. I order it out of delight, confusion and curiosity.
The need in me to connect with the wild and talk with Christ grows ever stronger…