More books to read

My DDO, Georgina, has spotted  I have a weak area. Its mission. Somehow I can’t stop immediatley thinking of ‘in your face’ evanglical  ‘follow christ or be dammed’ type of spreading the gospel when i hear the word mission. I forget the stuff i know that actually mission can be anything from sharing life stories to breaking bread together.  So she’s armed me with the following:

Journeying Out: Ann Morisy,
Mission-shaped Church: Church Planting and Fresh Expressions of Church in a Changing Context,
Mission-shaped Parish: Traditional Church in a Changing World.

And she wants me to get into praying the daily office for morning and evening prayer and so I now have

Common Worship: Daily Prayer  and Common Worship: Lectionary Advent 2009 to Advent 2010.

But I have found these are online. So I’ve set up my google calender with morning and evening appointments as alarms to spur me into action and in the appointment subject lines  are links to the online common worship prayer for morning or evening accordingly. This means I can access the office anywhere and any time! Go me!


Avon flooded at stratford

A day out with liz. Avon has burst its banks. Lovely to chat over tea and toasted teacakes.

22 inch screen

Yay! this is waht i hhad for my b’day. This post was sent via my new phone